“We only invest in properties and fund transactions which meet our own stringent investment criteria. As a co-investor in every transaction, RE Capital is your partner in equity”

Newman Leech, CEO RE Capital
How we add value

Our co-investment approach demands a fully encompassing end-to-end investment process

Origination & Acquisition
  • Dedicated investment transactions capability.
  • Extensive broker network provides exceptional off-market deal sourcing ability.
  • Team based under-writing, strategy and scenario analysis.
  • Risk and return profiling.
  • Deep network of the best in category professional advisors, who support the under-writing process.
  • Internal legal counsel provides a second line of defence during due diligence.
  • Project business planning starts at acquisition stage.
Capital Structuring & Analytics
  • Sophisticated modelling capability, determines optimum capital structure for each transaction.
  • Debt finance and structuring expertise.
Development & Asset Management
  • Highly experienced asset management team with cross-sector expertise.
  • Hands on project co-ordination and delivery.
  • Robust governance and reporting process.
  • Asset managers take complete ownership and accountability for projects end-to-end.
  • Market aware and research focused.
  • Project managers and asset managers work harmoniously during the construction phase.
Exit Planning
  • Continuous strategic review.
  • Market indicators.
  • Risk and return profiling.
  • End-to-end management of the transaction process.

Corporate Profile

For a detailed summary download our profile document here:

RE Capital Corporate Profile